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DCS 61-S


Guaranteed site safety

anti collision DCS 61-S

The DCS 61-S is our latest anti-collision and zoning system for lifting machines
Certified PLd and SIL-2 according to the standards EN13849-1 and EN61508



The device calculates in real time and in 3D the distances between each elements of the cranes (including the position of the cabin) as well as the movements speeds. This in order to intervene on the controlled mechanisms to ensure a slowing down then a complete immobilization of the crane at a pre-set distance from the obstacle.

  • Real-time display of interferences and the elements concerned by the risk of collision
  • Radio network communication
  • Management of interferences between tower cranes, mobile cranes, placing boom, gantries, luffing jib cranes, travelling cranes and retractable cranes


3-dimensional flyover limits are quickly defined directly on the screen, by associating geometric shapes with the areas and static obstacles concerned

  • Real-time display of prohibited zones around the crane
  • Managing overflight limits for the jib and/or the load. Setting of a minimum and maximum height for hook management between two spaces
  • Possibility to selectively activate/deactivate zones via the overrride unit.


It continuously records and saves events related to “prohibited area” and “interference” functions. It has an additional function that allows the recording of some information on the device status and/or the crane in dynamic.

  • Possibility to view and/or download information on a USB drive
  • Possibility to add a SIM card to download data and events related to the crane on a private web portal
  • Display of wind speed and pre-alarm and alarm limits on the screen

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