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Work in total safety and peace of mind ! Enjoy assisted operations !
Show your presence ! Always be in control ! Manage wind !

Operate your cranes in absolute safety

We rely on our complete knowledge of lifting equipment and the thousands of equipped job sites around the world to design products.

All our products and systems marketed benefit from the same approach of innovation and reliability. They integrate the specificities of each brand and type of crane, adapt to the precise organization of the site and are designed with scrupulous respect for the requirements of the standards.

Never compromising on specifications, they are innovative, reliable and incorporate the best of technology :

  • The highest quality, most reliable components
  • Simplified "plug & play" connections
  • Intuitive programming
  • Easy to install products with magnet, with no need to pierce crane structure

A complete range of products to ensure the safety of all your lifting machines

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A safety system that detects in real time the risk of collision of all elements of cranes in interference or the risk of overflight a prohibited area

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A driver assistance that calculates in real time the risk of collision of cranes in interference or the risk of overflight a prohibited area

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A device that allows you to record and visualize your job site on a single screen in real time of cranes equipped with DCS 61-S and DCS 60

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A driving assistance that contributes to the productivity of the crane and enhances the safety of personnel during lifting or unloading operations

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The anemometer fulfils the need to control and monitor job site wind speed in order to prevent any risks related to loads handling

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Tha BAN 4, night-time aircraft warning light kit guarantees signaling. It ensures the safety of night work sites

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The daytime warning light completes your safety on tower cranes and it is ICAO-approved

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