Project Description

Work in total peace of mind


The DCS 60 (Driving Control System) ensure the safety of the construction site by the management of prohibited overflight areas and interferences between cranes. It provides an unequalled level of comfort by displaying all the parameters needed to drive the machine (position of your crane and its load as well as the position of the other cranes, obstacles…). It ease of installation, use and its reliability, make it the most used anti-collision system in the world. This universal device is suitable for all types and brands of cranes in order to manage easily large construction sites.


The device calculates in real time and in 3D the distances between each element of the cranes as well as movement speeds in order to intervene on the controlled mechanisms to ensure a slowdown and then a complete immobilization of the crane at a pre-set distance from the obstacle


3-dimensional flyover limits are quickly defined directly on the screen, by associating geometric shapes (such as lines, polygons, circles including double circles and angles) with the areas and
(such as lines, polygostatic obstacles concerned (such as lines, polygoble


It continuously records and saves events related to “prohibited area” and “interference” functions. It has an additional function that allows the recording of some information on the device status and/or thethe recording of some crane in dynamicthe recording of some the recording of some