Project Description

Monitor wind speed

The anemometer fulfils the essential requirements of verifying and monitoring on job site wind speed in order to prevent any risks involved with handling loads. We offer a complete solution ranging from simple alarm notifications to the recording and downloading of data.


It checks wind speeds up to 200 km/h (other units available: mph/ms). It is also equipped with an SD card to record the activity log and the pre-alarm and alarm threshold oversteps.

Its screen in the cab displays:

  • Wind speed, date and time
  • Pre-set pre-alarm and alarm thresholds
  • External temperature in °C or °F



• Aluminium sensor able to withstand extreme outdoor conditions

• Unbreakable, non-deformable windmill

• Universal attachment. All the elements in the kit are fitted with magnetic studs to facilitate installation of the product on all types of mountings

• Withstands temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C

• IP65 seal


In addition, a very bright giant display, the AFG 61, can be installed remotely via radio link. This improves quick decision-making and safety on job site.

Its specificities:

  • Line of 10 alphanumeric characters: 14 cm
  • Amber LEDs (1400 mCd) with a visibility of over: 100 m
  • Choice of display units: km/h, mph or ms