AMCS technologies

AMCS technologies has branched out from its core business – anti-collision and zoning provided by its flagship product, the DCS60 launched in 2011 – to develop a new generation of complementary products: remote site monitoring systems, airspeed indicators, daytime and nocturnal warning lights, and cameras.

            From the very beginning, the people who make up AMCS technologies have shared its firm values, providing the best possible service to its customers located all over the world


The son of a crane operator and passionate about new technology, Mohamed Chettibi founded his first company in 1994, one that specialised in an innovative though little-known sector: anti-collision. He built on this first success to found AMCS technologies in 2004. A key player in its sector, the company has never stopped growing in terms of market share, product range, and customer portfolio. In 2008, it set up a Research and Development lab to design its products and be in full control of the process, thereby offering the best possible service.

All of the products and services we offer are created with the same focus on innovation and reliability. They take the particular features of each brand and type of crane into account, adapt to suit the specific configuration of your site, and are designed in the strictest compliance with current standards.


Fully aware of this, AMCS technologies has placed reliability and responsiveness at the very heart of its expertise.

  • The R&D Department invents and develops proven solutions featuring simplified connections and intuitive software make our products easy to install and understand
  • The Production & Assembly department selects the electrical components and casings that can handle the extremely demanding working conditions of handling machinery.
  • Our consultants formulate the best possible solution to suit the configuration of your machines, sites, and specifications, with the fastest possible lead times.

AMCS technologies chooses its distributors and partners based on the same criteria and values that guide its own services.


Radoine BOUAJAJ, Sales Director


“Whether with our partners, in our offices or in our customers’ head offices and countries monitored live, we are always at hand to provide you with any information you may need, assess your request, and propose the solutions that best meet your needs, at the best possible price.”

 Frédéric VISSEROT, Technical Manager


“We designs solutions that perfectly meet the specifications of your machinery and the particularities of your site and your business.”
we work with a small or large firms around the word and give our clients the highest advice possible

 Slimane ZAOUI, Service Manager


“With our 12 technicians able to work anywhere in the world, and more than 30 after-sales experts working for our distributors, at your service is the biggest worldwide team or anti-collision specialists, at hand to install and configure our products, work on your site, and train your staff.”