Project Description

  • Unit dimensions: 704mm (L) x 252 (h) x 120mm (d)
  • Line of 10 alphanumeric characters, 14cm long
  • Amber LEDs (1400mCd), visible at up to 100m
  • Choice of display units: km/h or mph

The ANEM200, tracks the crane operator’s worst enemy: wind

Knowing the wind direction and pressure is essential to ensure that cranes operate smoothly and that people can work in safety. It may cause loads to sway dangerously when being lifted, or when the crane itself is moving, placing the staff receiving the load in danger, and perhaps even destabilising the crane and causing it to topple over

The ANEM200 system record activities log and can generate daily wind charts

Manage the wind !
Dynamic wind speed tracking (from 0 to 200km/h, every 1 or 2 seconds)
Displays outdoor temperature
Sound alert with adjustable pre-alarm and alarm thresholds
3.5 inch colour screen in cabin, or displayed on DCS60 monitor
Events recorded and dated on SD card
Choice of measurement units and language (French/English) in settings menu
“Test” button for sound and visual alerts on signal box
Ability to show information on 5 displays simultaneously

What the ANEM200
does for you

Crane operators

  • Constant awareness of a key factor
    to oprate the crane in total peace
    of mind
  • The ability to anticipate
    movements and loads


Staff working under crane

  • Immediate display of wind speed
    and temperature
  • Enhanced safety through faster decision-making
  • Consistent with the
    recommendation R406

Giant display

In addition to all of the above, a bright, high visibility display can be fitted to the foot of the crane