Project Description

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This new supervisor model can be used to record and view the data of every crane fitted with a DCS 61-S and DCS 60 on a single screen. Thanks to the radio connection of the anti-collision network, it allows to communicate to the user all the information relating to the positions, the movements and the events of the cranes in real time. Regardless of the size and complexity of the job site, its performance and ease of use allows you to track the activity of your job site.

Why choose the supervisor SUP 61 ?

Have access to the information useful to the productivity of your job site for each crane (slewing, distribution, travelling, lifting and load…)
Consult data recorded for each machine and download them on a USB drive
View and record wind sepeed
Intervene if necessary, on the management of interference and prohibited overflight areas. Possibility of neutralizing one or more zones remotely
Access the supervisor from one or more workstations on the internal network
Facilitate remote decision-making for immediate intervention