Project Description

Whether you are on-site or half the world away, as long as you have an internet connection you can always:

  • Check that the site is running smoothly
  • If necessary, carry out actions to manage interference and flyover restrictions
  • View logs and download the data for each machine to a USB drive

The DCS60-SUP lets you track activity on your site in real time, all the time, from wherever you are !

Via its radio connection with the sites anti-collision network and technology, the DCS60-SUP can be used to collect, record, and view the movements of every crane fitted with a DCS60 on a single screen.

Always stay in control
The DCS60-SUP is composed of a screen, keyboard, mouse, and central unit with radio interface
It displays and records the slewing, distribution, traveling, lifting (optional)
It displays and records  wind speed (optional) for up to 60 cranes
Visual tracking and data can be accessed from several workstations on the internal network

Benefits of DCS60-SUP


  •  View action of all equipped cranes in real time
  • Take immediate action


  • Check that the site is running smoothly even when you aren’t there
  • The ability to selectively neutralise system if necessary

Technical Support  

  •  An overview of the site’s anti-collision network facilitating remote decision-making

The ideal tracking tool for sites

The ability to manage the activity of up to 60 cranes makes it the ideal tracking tool for sites of all sizes