Project Description

Zoning/ Anti-collision/ Indicateur

Safety, comfort, and assisted operations

The DCS60 – for Driving Control System – is AMCS technologies’ flagship product. It calculates distance between cranes, or between a crane and fixed obstacles, and the travelling speed in real time in order to completely immobilise controlled mechanisms at a pre-set distance from the given obstacles. Whatever the type of crane (flat or luffing jib, mobile cranes), the DCS60 applies a safety cordon around the machine. The cordon surrounds the jib, counter jib, mast, tower head, tie bars and hoist rope, as well as the cable sheath, and is continuously adjusted in line with movement speed. The system detects the risk of collision between every part of the crane in real time, for example: cable on jib, cable on counter jib, jib on jib, jib on counter jib, job on mast, etc.

The colour control screen displays the following information:

  • The cranes movements and load, slewing position, trolley position, hook height and travelling position
  • Static (no-go zones) and dynamic (other cranes) obstacles
  • All other information that may assist productivity: date, time, load,moment, wind speed, jib position…

A control option:

  • You can also remotely desactivate the DCS60’s features in totally or partially by using the DCS60-SUP controller


Work in total peace of mind
8.4 inch colour screen in cabin
A universal interface designed to automatically adapt to chosen crane type
Sensors fitted to crane to calculate every movement
A radio modem:  compatible with full range of free frequencies, as well as private ones
An alert light
Independent power supply available
All DCS60 components are attached with magnets or clamps, and use a plug & set system

Intuitive, straightforward programming:

  • No-fly zones are created in just a few seconds using the most suitable geometric shapes: polygon, right angle, cones, or circles
  • They can be programmed at the foot of the crane or remotely via the radio network
  • You can save a target, like a loading point or blind spot, and the DCS60 helps you carry out the action

Activity Log:

  • The DCS60 constantly saves the crane’s movements and all parameters. This event log can be downloaded and shared by email, facilitating crane maintenance.


  • The DCS60 is suitable for all kinds of cranes and can manage up to 125 machines on a single site

Crane operators

  •  Smooth and comprehensive operating assistance
  • Intuitive programming of zones and delivery targets
  • An ergonomic screen with carefully designed display to track all operating parameters

Operator and supervisor 

  •  The guarantee compliance with regulations and site specifications
  • Guaranteed site safety
  • Event recording for each crane
  • Real time crane tracking

Maintenance staff and technicians 

  • Quick installation
  • Compatible with all cranes on market
  • Proven components clear, simple connection charts
  • Simplified maintenance

Technical benchmarks

  • A universal system suitable for any site configuration
  • Possibility of guaranteed independent power supply
  • System compliant with all current standards


  •  Excellent quality, productivity, and price equation
  • Solution tailored to meet every need
  • The reliability and quality of a market leader